What Our Clients Say

Tim Terry and his staff know the SBA business better than anyone. I can have a conversation with him and take away something new and useful every time. He's the go-to guy if you have a staffing need.

Dave Jackson

National SBA & Alternative Lending Director
Fifth Third Bank

I've had the opportunity to work with Tim Terry and SBAadvisors now for 10 years. I can honestly say that I trust Tim and his team. In my 20 years of SBA Lending I've worked at large non-bank lenders and small banks. I've worked for #1 SBA Lenders and for start-up shops. The one thing I can say is that Tim and his team "get it". They understand what makes a good employee goes beyond their skills. SBAadvisors took the time to understand my division and how we operate in order to place the right kind of employee with us. I'll continue to use Tim in the future as we grow our shop to be a top 10 SBA producer.

Chris Kwiatkowski

Head of Government Lending
Dogwood Bank

I have known and worked with Tim Terry for over 25 years and I feel that he is one of the most knowledgeable and well respected experts on the SBA loan programs in the entire country. I have worked with Tim on many successful ventures over the years and he and his staff have always proven to be competent, fast, and user-friendly. It is rare to find any individual in our industry with such a broad knowledge and level of experience. This generally equates to getting the job done right and on time.

John W. Hart

Greater Texas Capital Corporation

We are currently engaged with SBAadvisors and are pleased with everything they have brought to the table. We have worked with Tim in the past and know him to be of the highest character. I can recommend both he and SBAadvisors wholeheartedly!

Gary Griffin

President, CEO
Capital Growth Solutions

I've been dealing with Tim since he entered the recruiter industry. Over the years I've used him not only for executive search but also for temporary help, policies, and especially his salary surveys. He knows just about everybody in the industry and can often offer insight and guidance when developing business plans. I especially appreciate his "unbiased opinions" that are often presented...whether solicited or not.

Charlie Bell

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

Tim Terry and his organization, have been instrumental in advising AccessBank Texas on the development of our SBA Loan Program. Even though we had prior working knowledge of SBA loans and had made loans in the past, AccessBank was committed to developing sound policies, procedures, underwriting standards, and servicing systems that would assure a sound and viable program with consistent results. Tim has years of experience in the industry and was crucial in our development of the program and in finding an appropriate Business Development Officer.

Cleve Breedlove

CEO AccessBank

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