Are you overusing “buzzwords” on your resume?

Some of the “power” words used on resumes have lost their power. Your resume can work on your behalf and in your favor or it can set you back. Check out this excerpt from an article in the Dallas Business Journal and see if you need to revamp your resume.

“Job seekers are overusing buzzwords and tired descriptors in the hope that they will magically get the attention of their audience.

I see them on résumés, hear them in networking meetings and interviews, and spot them in the all-important summary section on LinkedIn.

Career clichés are boring, uninspiring, and a turn-off.

Have you used any of the words on this list lately?

  • Team player
  • Results-driven
  • Fire-in-the-belly
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Great organizational skills
  • Works well autonomously
  • Self-starter
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Customer focused

The words themselves are not the problem — the problem is that they have no value when used alone. Comments like these in résumés are empty. They have no meaning, no credibility.


I have seen as many as 20 or more of these kinds of words listed at the top of a resume — in a candidate’s executive summary. It’s a waste of real estate on the page and can quickly get you tossed into the “no” pile.”


You can read the full article here: Career Mojo: Stop using these words on your resume!